The Christian Entrepreneur's Manifesto

The Christian Entrepreneur’s
Jesus Christ is my CEO.
I am a trusted steward of His organization.
I choose to submit my vision, missions, and goals to the Lord in prayer,
Seeking His approval in all things.
I operate on the foundation of His Holy Word, serving believers and others with
humility, integrity and bold faith.
I believe great work is great worship.
As a representative of His kingdom, I strive to be the best of the best in my
chosen field.
With profit as my tool and impact as my goal, I choose to live a courageously
generous life, funding the work of my King across the world.
I believe the marketplace is my mission field, therefore I focus on transformation
through my services and results through my products.
I am an Entrepreneur on purpose and with purpose
and I will stop at nothing to change lives.
An excerpt from the book Online Wealth For The Christian Entrepreneur by ShawnQ