TripAdvisor review 5 stars

 Reviewed on January 23, 2018

We've been loyal customer for years. I expected to pay more for such good quality (for example I'm still wearing a belt I bought there six years ago and it's still going strong!) so we're always pleasantly surprised at the final bill. In addition, the salesman (owner?) really knows his stuff: whenever we need advice he knows exactly what to recommend. We'll keep coming back!


Linda reviewed Affordable Leather and More  5 stars

Reviewed on July 16, 2017

I think if you're in the mood for shopping for leather products, you should order it from Jim. I ordered a hair catcher from him online. A few weeks later we visited the Dells and stopped in. He not only remembered who i was, but he also remembered exactly what I'd ordered down to the color and design, lol. Now thats what i call customer service. You couldn't ask for a nicer man to meet. He was a real sweetie and sold my sister a pr of awesome houseshoes. We also got our granddaughter the cutest purse ever for a little girl. From here on out, when I'm looking to buy a new leather purse, this will be my 1st stop online for shopping. If you want to be treated as a long lost friend, shop with Jim. You won't be sorry. He's a super nice fellow with a great sense of humor. He put up with us and if he can handle us, he can handle anyone, lol.


Kelly reviewed God, Guns and Guts made America ballcap  - 5 stars

Reviewed on June 24, 2017

Awsome - Truly awsome hat. Very well made, and super fast shipping. Highly recommended


Joe reviewed Support Gun Rights [Ballcap]  - 5 stars

Reviewed on June 21, 2017

4th cap I purchased from Affordable Leather and I am quite happy. I am just sorry to see that my favorites are being discontinued.


Kimberley reviewed Affordable Leather and More5 stars

Reviewed on June 21, 2017

I'm so glad I discovered Affordable Leather and More! I placed an oder on their website and it was the most pleasant online shopping experience I've EVER had! Smooth process, the responses were so polite and positive- i felt like a valued customer 😊I'm in Canada 🇨🇦 and even with our weak dollar it was a great price. My travel purse arrived today and it's exactly as shown - I love it!! I'll be shopping again and telling my friends of my new find!


Albert reviewed SADDLE PURSE - 5 stars

Buying a present for my wife can be rather difficult and the Saddle Purse hit the nail on the head. She loved it!!!!. In doing business with Affordable Leather, I had a concern about the billing and my issue was taken care of immediately in a very polite and professional manner. The shipping was fast. I rarely recommend online companies, but I highly recommend Affordable Leather and I will do business with them again.



Cathi Cat Drechsler reviewed Affordable Leather and More5 star
Reviewed May 28, 2017

We were in The Dells for Our 20th Anniversary & we came across your store! WOW we were so impressed! The best quality leather, made in the USA, Great Prices! love my belt bag & Hubby got a new wallet! so glad We found you!



F A Bischoff reviewed Affordable Leather and More5 star

Stopped in for the first time, but not the last. Two belts, one purse, and one sweater later we left as very satisfied customers. Tremendous variety and selection. Terrific prices. Friendly service. Thanks, Jim, we'll be back.



 “AWESOME APPAREL, ATMOSPHERE!!!! ”   5 of 5 stars

Reviewed May 6, 2017

Visited here last weekend to see what everyone on Trip Advisor was raving about (you might notice he only has one one star, that was accidentally rated as such. Reading the review, you'll know it was supposed to be five star) and met Jim, the very nice, down to earth owner. Being on a tight budget, the first thing I looked for were the clearance items. Jim handled that well when I asked where they might be, whereas some people might think that is kind of rude. I ended up debating between several nice quality leather wallets to purchase. I asked Jim which one might last longer and he mentioned the darker brown one because the lighter brown one would turn a worn out looking darker brown, something I never thought of. Simply put, he has your interests at heart, not just hoping to sell you something that wears out faster so you'll come and buy more. That's kind of rare in the business world!! I ended up buying a wallet with a pine cone embroidered on it for $10.00, a large discount to say the least. It's incredible how reasonable everything costs in Affordable Leather and More!!! Jim's selection of background music is really good as well. In conclusion, due to the great attitude of Jim, the affordable prices and great quality products, I will come in again to see what he has to maybe buy and chat with boss man and I think you will enjoy coming in to take a look as well. If you look hard enough, I bet you'll walk out with something really nice at a great price, just like me.



Ryan reviewed Affordable Leather and More5 star
Reviewed April 20, 2017
Great products at great prices! We love the duffle bags from here. We also bought one of the hiking backpacks from here and love it as well.




"Amazing customer service and prices!!!" - 5 stars

5 of 5 starsMarch 27, 2017  Reviewed by Kim M
My husband and I stopped in here to get him a hat because it was cold out, and this shop had the perfect one right in the window. We walked in, and the smell of leather had us hooked! I saw several purses I fell in love with, knowing there was no way I could afford to buy everything I liked. I was wrong!!! The prices in this shop are so incredible we were able to purchase several items we immediately fell in love with, with virtually no impact on our vacation budget! The owner was not just courteous, he was downright friendly and helpful. I recommend this shop 110% - make it a priority to stop in on your next trip to the Dells. You won't regret it!!!
Donna reviewed Affordable Leather and More

Reviewed March 23, 2017

Love the wallet, great service!


Charlie reviewed Ballcaps

Reviewed March 21, 2017

I've purchased hats before from your company. I wished they were made in the USA. BUT I still like how they are made and what they say.I just cut the tag out  that says made in china.

 I wear them proudly because they say things on them how I feel. I'm a Proud American and a Patriot. 

I also give these hats as gifts. 

 thanks. God Bless America






Joanne reviewed Affordable Leather and More5 stars

Reviewed February 22, 2017

I just bought a purse from this store and LOVE the quality and style. Very friendly service, great prices and a huge selection!! Will definitely be back. Thanks, Jim!




Christopher reviewed NexPak TF115

Reviewed February 4, 2017

Good product for the money. Will buy again if they hold up as a range bag.  Thanks



Michael reviewed Affordable Leather and More5 star

Reviewed December 10, 2016

Ordered a duffle bag and dress belt from Michigan. Order was shipped promptly and the quality is top notch. Very happy with my purchase.



5 of 5 stars  Reviewed October 21, 2016

This is the most organized, neat and friendly shopping experience in ALL of the downtown Dells. Quality leather goods at great prices, with unbelievable selection in a clean, uncluttered and superbly organized store. Pride of ownership shows more than any other store we visited in the Dells. The one shop I'd say not to miss visiting - great gifts that are useful and last!




The Essential Traveler review

I've long admired and envied women who get through their day and their lives needing to carry only a small bag.

Throughout my life, I've felt the need to anticipate and pack for every possible daily eventuality. But now a torn rotator cuff and a request to review the Essential Traveler bag has led me to lighten my load, and to my surprise, I'm getting along just fine with what I can fit into my beautiful new little leather purse. Actually, I can fit a lot into this handy purse!  Read the entire review HERE



 “lookinngsg for a purse and other thi”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed August 27, 2016

It is a great place if you are looking for inexpensive but great quality service and merchandise the clerk was very helpful and i went back in three times due to decision making and he was very understanding and helpful i would highly recommend to all my friends and family to check out their merchandise very fun my kids even enjoyed the books and toys to play with while i looked and bought thank you





5 of 5 stars  Bruce Smyth on Aug 26, 2016

Affordable Leather And More claims: Quality Products-Affordable Prices-Prices Guaranteed.
My rating is, ALL TRUE,TRUE, TRUE. They left out VERY FAST SHIPPING. Great people to buy from. recommend ***** 





5 of 5 stars  Drem on Aug 02, 2016

Great item fits all my credit cards




“Great products”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 25, 2016

The products in this store are great- the prices are just as great! I usually buy my purses from this store.





5 of 5 stars  f.j.czumbil on Jul 22, 2016

great hat great quality great buy





5 of 5 stars  John on Jul 22, 2016

Versatile, tough, and very well made. I use this bag daily and it has never let me down. I would have been willing to spend 3 times as much for a bag of this quality!!




 “Best Belts I Have Ever Found”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 18, 2016

Used to purchase belts for my husband and myself every few months. Found Affordable Leather and More and purchased my husband a belt to see if they were any better. He has had that original belt for almost 4 years and still looks great. Purchased more on our last trip to the Dells for ourselves and our sons. Best I have ever found




 “Great quality selection. Very affordable and friendly service”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 11, 2016

One of our last stops of shopping. My husband found a great military logo ball cap. He is a disabled Army Veteran and enjoys collecting hats. Very surprised of the great prices and friendly service. A must stop for great quality items, good selection, great prices and friendly service...




 “Owner jim”

4 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 9, 2016

Good quality leather nd exceptional wonderful customer service. Every time we come to the dells we visit there.




 “Wallet ”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed June 11, 2016

In search of a wallet so we happened in this store. The prices are VERY reasonable! The person running the shop was very friendly and knowledgeable. HIGHLY recommended.





5 of 5 stars  Sandra Morris on May 01, 2016

Just the right size for me. Had been looking for just the right size for my concealed and this is it. Room for so much more and wearing across the front is very comfortable.




“Cheap Metal!”

3 of 5 stars  Reviewed March 25, 2016

I bought a handbag of sorts for $8, which was I think a fair price for the size of it. But as soon as I pulled it out and tried to use it later that day, the metal hooks for the attaching shoulder loop broke! One hook fell into pieces and is completely unusable, while the other just dangles. I really like the bag, but am very disappointed I can no longer use it for it's intended purpose. I tried to bring it back early before I left on Sunday (I had bought it on Saturday) but they were closed, and I won't have the opportunity to return for a very long time. Needless to say, I'm rather upset...

Jim D, Owner at Affordable Leather and More, responded to this review, March 29, 2016

Hi, Anna. Thank you for your feedback.
Please contact me at to arrange to have the item returned, and a new one sent back to you. We will reimburse you for the cost of shipping.
We pride ourselves in selling quality products at affordable prices. If any item does not perform satisfactorily, we like to hear about it.
Looking forward to hearing from you, and getting your new handbag to you,
Affordable Leather and More





Stephanie on Mar 15, 2016

5 of 5 stars

This bag is awesome. For any horse lovers, barrel racers. etc. this bag is for you. I just recieved this bag and I was very satisfied with it.. LOVE THIS BAG...




“Awesome place”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed February 26, 2016

Went in to get a new leather belt, and expected high prices, but was pleasantly surprised to see very reasonable prices for very high quality leather. I bought a new belt and talked with the owner for a bit, very nice guy i might add. Will definately shop there again. He also ships so if i cant get there it can be sent to me.




“Excellent value!”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed October 24, 2015

I was pleasantly suprised at the quality and prices here. I've been to several stores that claimed they had "affordable" items but this store truly does. Not only that, the owner was very nice and helpful but not pushy. I will definitely visit this store again the next time I'm back in the dells!





5 of 5 stars  Reviewed October 19, 2015

This store is great. All excellent quality merchandise. Own 2 purses a gym bag and a camera bag from here and they've all lasted years. Great place! Always on our visit list when my husband and I are in the Dell's area.




I have not been there yet, but people that have said they have the best prices on leather products. Can not wait to get another job so I can go shopping







“Great value”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed June 23, 2015

Great leather purses,belts, wallets, bags and etc.. This store has a variety of items for everyone. Prices are more than reasonable, merchandise is very good quality. I have purchased purses, jackets and blankets .Stop in and check it out.




“THE place for leather goods in Dells”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed June 21, 2015

Great leather, great prices (better than online prices). Owner very responsible, reasonable and interactive. Very knowledgeable about his goods. Avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment and posts such in his storefront window and inside.
Wonderful visit and discussion while browsing and buying.
If you need leather goods and going to the Dells area, please stop and subsidize this private business owner.




“enjoy this place”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed June 19, 2015

Very good price for their stuff. I love the smell at this place. Well go back to buy more of their stuff here.




“Great variety & prices”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed May 30, 2015

Great variety of leather products at discount prices. Practical souvenirs from a friendly down-to-earth salesman.





5 of 5 stars  Reviewed March 10, 2015

Love the smell of this store! Reasonable prices. Lots to pick from. Great quality. Would shop here again!




“Lots of Leather”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed December 21, 2014

I went in to Affordable Leather dreaming I could find a leather belt at a price I was willing to pay. I walked away with 2 nice leather belts for me, and another one for my dad, for $20 each, including tax. 

They have more leather handbags than I ever want to see again, so my wife will have to go by herself.

The owner says he's going to be expanding into larger leather items (coats?), but still keep prices well below what you usually see. I'll be checking again next year.





5 of 5 stars  Dave on Dec 13, 2014

I have had several work belts of various weights and leathers, and this is the nicest I've owned. Heavy 12 ounce weight excellent finish, sturdy buckle (which can be easily swapped out because it's held in place with snaps, not rivets). Great value!




“awesome store!!!!!”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed September 13, 2014

great product, friendly service and always something new. great prices for purses, wallets, backpacks, duffle bags, would recommend as a must stop when visiting the Wisconsin dells.




I bought a purse on Saturday night and found a hole from where it didn't catch during stitching, but it was too late to take it back and since they're closed on Sundays, I was unable to bring it back. I ended up having to pay $15 to have it repaired, so in reality, my purse was OVER $30! If they had just been open on Sunday, I would've given them a higher rating, but since I couldn't bring it back and was basically stuck with a defective item, they only get 2 stars from me!

Affordable Leather and More I am sorry to hear about your purse. If you had contacted us and sent the purse back, we would have sent you a replacement after verifying that it was a manufacturing defect, along with the cost of returning it. We stand behind the products we sell. We are closed on Sundays to allow employees time for family and worship.
Commented on August 30, 2014 at 9:29pm
Sam R LS I understand that. I had just gotten it last weekend and when I saw the hole, it was already too late. I just wish you had opened later on Sunday, instead of being totally closed, because with it being in the Dells and getting MANY people who don't live in the area, people like us don't have many options, other than just deal with it ourselves. If I ever get the chance to go back, I'm sure I'll stop in again and get something else. I still love my purse and would love to have it other colors!




“Must Stop and Shop”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed August 29, 2014

My husband and I found ourselves at the end of the strip of shopping and ready to leave, when Thirty Below Leather caught our eye. We went in with no intentions of buying anything and found some of the best deals we have seen on bags, purses, wallets, hats, ect................We left with some AWSOME buys!! Now every time we are up in the dell's we just have to stop in. They have much then just leather, they also have some really neat nylon and cloth bags too. And our last trip in there I found the best travel bag/purse that I have never seen sold ANYWHERE else! This is one shop that stands out beyond all the others not only in the Dells, but everywhere else I have traveled in the region! This is a MUST STOP AND SHOP!!! you won't be let down! Denise, Chicago IL




“Great Leather products and huge selection”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed August 15, 2014

Just checking out stores and found a great purse for my wife. The quality is wonderful, the style matches her, the price was definitely right, and the service was outstanding (helpful but not pushy). Go one block past the end of the businesses and they are there - definitely worth finding. Next time to the Dells, we will stop in again. Jim was extremely accommodating.




“Awesome store! ”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed August 14, 2014

We visited on 8-8. Beautiful purses, wallets, belts and backpacks! My 12 year old daughter and myself bought awesome purses--my highlight of our week there. Will definitely be back next year for another one!!!




High quality products at decent prices.
I finally found a great belt without paying an arm and a leg.




“High Quality Affordably Priced Leather Goods”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 14, 2014

Every time I go to this store my belief is renewed that I have found a real "keeper" in Wisconsin Dells. Purses, wallets, belts, gloves, back packs, duffels....all under $30 and all high quality merchandise. Service is always friendly, courteous, and product knowledgeable. And the store is always clean and well-presented.




“you will find great selection of leather purses and more”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 11, 2014

every time we go to Wisconsin dells I make a stop at this store for cool purses wallets gloves and more they have a great selection and the price of 30 dollars or less the quality of the products are outstanding




“Awesome store”

5 of 5 stars  Reviewed July 4, 2014

Good quality product for a good price! My husband loves the belts and leather purses under 30 dollars is always a nice welcome when in the east coast I have to look at a minimum of $100 for an ok purse. This is a diamond in the rough so to speak. Customer service is excellent!!! :-)




I've been going here for the past few years!! I have a wallet that lasts for a very long time!! I have a billfold/check book that lasts whats seems forever!! And I have a fanny bag that works wonders when going to work and riding my bicycle. I'm proud to say that 30 Below Leather is the best place to go for your leather goods. They have leather purses, handbags, vests of all sizes etc... Totally awesome store!!!!!!