6 Tips to Taking Care of Your Leather Handbag

Here are some tips and tricks to taking care of your handbag

We can all agree, genuine leather products are sought after whether be it a furniture or a fashion accessory. People, women especially, spend a fortune to get their hands on designer leather products.

 Did you know that the handbag industry is worth a whopping $139 billion? And a huge chunk of this amount is for genuine leather handbags. Insane, right?

 Now here’s the deal, whether you bought your genuine leather handbag from a famous fashion brand, or from shops like Affordable Leather and More, caring for your beloved leather handbag is important. Stains, grease, and scratches are just some of your handbag’s enemies and making sure you avoid these damages can help your genuine leather handbag become a forever-item!

Here are some tips and tricks to taking care of your handbag:

  1. Treat your leather handbag as you would a baby’s bottom. Genuine leather is treated animal skin so naturally, it’s sensitive to harsh chemicals and it requires regular care. DO clean it once a week with a clean damp cloth using a mixture of mild soap and water. DON’T use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean it.
  2.  How do you remove ink marks? The secret is to clean it right away. If a quick wipe-down doesn’t work, do #3. 
  1. Professional cleaner is your leather doctor. Your best shot at removing ink marks and stains is to bring your bag to a pro. They can clean stains without damaging the leather. 
  1. Use cleaning products specifically made for leather products. You don’t treat your cold with rash cream, right? 
  1. Use a dust bag. When not in use, keep it inside a dust bag. If your handbag doesn’t come with one, try a pillow case. 
  1. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. Your genuine leather handbag is an investment piece, make sure you give it the utmost care possible. Don’t put it on the floor or leave it in places where it might get stains. It will save your handbag and it will save you a lot of money!