Differences in leather belts

Let's talk about belts, shall we?

Why is it that a belt can be purchased at nearly any large retail store that has stamped on it "Genuine Leather", but it falls apart in just a few months, if not weeks?

Well, here is the scoop on those. The outside of the belt is a very thin layer of genuine leather. The inside of the belt may or may not be leather, but is typically vinyl. The center/middle, or "guts" of the belt can be a wide variety of products, from reprocessed leather, to cardboard, to any number of man-made products.

The reason the manufacturer can legitimately stamp “Genuine Leather” on it is because there is no requirement for how much of the belt is real leather, to be able to claim as such.

These composite belts also have a wide variety of chemicals used in them to help hold them together (glue).

The belts we sell at Affordable Leather and More are Genuine SOLID leather. This means that the belt is one continuous piece of real leather. There are no fillers, additives, or layers - only genuine leather throughout.

Some folks refer to this type of solid leather as “harness” leather, because that is the same leather that harnesses for horses are made from.

Most of the belts that we carry are made in the USA. When you visit our website, they will be tagged as “Made in the USA”.

If you have any questions about belts, or any other leather product, feel free to drop us a line!

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